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Why You Need Residential Security

You may be a homeowner who doesn’t think that they need security. If you are then you are likely the one that will experience a break-in at some point. Perhaps you are reasoning that the cost of security would be too much or that since you haven’t experienced a break-in that it will never happen to you. It is this type of thinking that most intruders are banking on you having. One of the things that you shouldn’t do as a homeowner is ignore the fact that you actually do need security for your home. If you arrive home from work one day and you notice that your front door lock has been tampered with, this still may not be enough to convince you that you need home security. You may reason that even though they tried they didn’t succeed. Rather than taking unnecessary chances with your home security, why not contact Eden Prairie Locksmith in Eden Prairie, MN. Everyone knows that the best security begins with the type of locks that you have on your doors. Our locksmiths install every type of lock and they are well familiar with the ones that are most durable. Even if you do not want to purchase new locks from us, we can still advise you of the type of locks that would provide you with added security. It is possible for us to maximize your home security with the right type of locks.

Lock Types

Most people are familiar with deadbolt locks. If you don’t already have a deadbolt lock on every entryway door then it is likely that you have already had the misfortune of a break-in. A deadbolt lock usually has another type of lock with it. This is what makes it most durable. A stand-alone deadbolt lock is good but it is better with another lock. The type of lock that often accompanies your deadbolt lock is the standard knob lock. When you are having a new lock installed, make sure that the door is durable enough for the type of lock that you wish to have installed. This is to ensure that even if someone should attempt to break into your home by kicking in your door, they will not succeed. If the door is not a strong door, they may be able to knock it off the frame and still gain access to your home. Take the necessary precaution to make sure you have the right type of lock.

You may be familiar with keyless locks but if you aren’t it is likely that you have used one before. A keyless lock uses a fob key or a code, which is entered into a keypad that will then disengage the lock once entered correctly. It is a hard lock to break or compromise since it was designed with advanced technology. A keyless lock allows you to program more than one code into the lock. This is especially important when you have more than one person in your household. While you used to only find them in commercial businesses, they have become more widely used in residential homes. This is because more manufacturers are designing them for affordable prices.

Now there are even biometric locks being installed more frequently. These types of locks are mostly used in commercial establishments. They use some type of facial recognition, such as an eye retina or fingertip, to identify the person who is authorized to enter an area where there is a biometric lock. You will notice this type of lock in most airports today.

Unsecured Areas of Your Home

You may think that every area of your home is safe and secure. However, we guarantee that we could come into your home and identify areas that are not as secure as you thought. One of those such areas would be your patio. Many people have a patio door but the problem is that the patio door is not a stable door. It is a door with a latch, not a real lock. This means that if someone were to kick it in they would be able to easily kick it in.

The other area of your home that is likely susceptible to an intrusion is your garage. Even though the garage door has a garage door opener, which is supposed to lock the door, this doesn’t always happen. In some cases, the homeowner may need a new garage door opener and not even realize it. This is when someone can easily open your garage and slid right into your home. This is why it is very important to also have durable locks on the door that leads from your garage to your house, if you have an attached garage.

Lock Maintenance

It may sound strange to you when you hear someone mention lock maintenance but maintaining your locks is a sure way to keep them in good working condition. If you don’t want to maintain your locks then we can certainly do it for you. Our locksmith will perform an audit of all the locks in your home and they will evaluate the condition of every lock. If there are any that need to be replaced, they will replace them at that time. If there are old and outdated keys then they will replace them. During the security audit, even if the locks do not need to be replaced, they will be greased so that they will work with efficiency. Your local locksmith can be relied upon to make any necessary changes to the locks of your home but only after they have performed a thorough security audit. This is a great way for you to know whether or not there is a potential for an intrusion because they will always let the homeowner know what they found and what should be done to correct the issue. It is a good idea to have an audit of your locks performed annually in order to maintain them.

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